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Be sure to read through our policies and check out pre + post care instructions!


Microblading is the process of depositing pigment into the epidermis layer of the skin. This is done with a blade made up of 9-20 needles in a row (varies on size of blade used). This mimics the light, fluffy look of real brow hair. This is the most natural looking technique along with being the most popular option our clients choose!

Procedure requires two appointments and both are included in pricing! 


BAY - $800

RACHEL - $700

LUCIA - $600

SIERRA - $350 *limited time only!!



This is a slightly different technique compared to Microblading. Powderfill is pushed into the skin, creating a light to heavy shade, depending upon clients personal preference. Powderfill does go slightly deeper into the skin so it does tend to last a bit longer.

This technique is often coupled with Microblading, hence the term Combo Brow! A mix of Microblading and Powderfill will create a more done up look that will look similar to makeup once it heals.

Procedure requires two appointments and both are included in pricing! 


BAY - $850

RACHEL - $750

LUCIA - $650

SIERRA - $375 *limited time only!!



Ombre Powder Brows is done with a rotary pen that is made up of 1-5 needles. The pen quickly pushes in and out as it deposits pigment into the skin. This technique heals to soft powdery perfection can be used in conjunction with Microblading. This service is ideal for clients that want their eyebrows to have a soft to medium fill.

Procedure requires two appointments and both are included in pricing! 


BAY: $850



Color Boosts are appointment for existing clients of The Modern Female. These appointments are scheduled between 1-3 years after your last appointment. Brows must be a MINIMUM of 50% faded. If color boosts are completed too soon it can oversaturate the strokes for a less crisp healed result.

Color Boost must be approved before scheduling. You must send in photos of your current microblading without makeup and in good lighting to 317-771-3364 in order to schedule. Thanks! 

Bay - $350

Rachel - $325

Lucia - $300

Sierra - $300

We do offer corrective color boosts to clients who had their brows done outside our studio. Please reach out to our studio for a quote!

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Brow lamination is essentially a perm for your eyebrows. It relaxes the brow hair to give a more uniform or fluffy appearance that will last 6-8 weeks. You can add a wax and tint with Sierra for the full experience! 


SIERRA: $100-$125



Lip blush is dusted onto the lip with soft pixels and heals to a perfect sheer color. Lip blush can correct asymmetry, brighten the natural lip tone, and enhance the natural shape of the lip! 

Procedure requires two appointments and both are included in pricing! 


BAY - $600


What To Expect During Your PMU Appointment

We get it, putting semi-permanent brows on your face is scary! We want to make sure that you receive exactly what you're wanting from your chosen service.

To ensure that our clients leave with complete satisfaction we start your appointment off with a consultation! During this time we go over your desired results, look at pictures and get a good game plan for your brows! We will be very upfront with you during your appointment as far as expectations and realistic results go. After we establish a game plan we will pick out a color together! With each of our artists being extremely familiar with our pigment line we can promise you a perfect color match. Our pigments are top of the line and are inclusive to every skin tone and type. Before beginning the service we will numb you and draw your brows on for your final approval of shape, size, thickness, etc. Once we get your approval we will Microblade you with your dream brows! 

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